After the Storm

by Kitty Jellinek
front cleanup

Couple of piles of storm litter ready for pickup


I guess all’s well that ends well – after 28 hours without electricity and a defrosted freezer it was time to clean up the garden.

We were one of the lucky ones – OK we had a tree land on our verandah roof – which in turn caused structural problems and caused a short in a power point – which in turn meant that when the electricity finally came on it threw the switches in our fuse box and we had to call an electrician.

It suddenly dawned on us that in the 13 years that we have lived here we have never needed an electrician and now that we needed one in a hurry we had no idea who to call.

After searching through the yellow pages [couldn’t use the internet – no electricity!] we called a local electrician and it was just pot luck that we got someone who gave us such great service.

I really want to sing his praises here as I was so impressed. Chris Annand and his son arrived within 15 minutes. Identified and fixed the problem in less than 5 minutes and didn’t want to charge us for the call! We insisted that we pay him and I told him that I would sing his praises to the locals – so here goes; The next time you need an electrician contact:

Chris Annand Electrical Country Energy Accredited Master Electricians
Phone: (07)5534 1244 – Mobile:0411 851 958
Fax (07) 5534 7032 Address: Unit5/2-6 Nuban Street Currumbin QLD 4223

Well the sun’s out again, there is a Koala grunting audibly in a tree out back, the fish pond has been replenished with fresh rainwater and my computer is back online Yea!


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