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Saving Protected Trees – Uphill battle in Elanora.

by Kitty Jellinek

The western side of Simpsons Road in Elanora is not on the sewer.
Therefore most of the big trees were planted around the borders of these properties, leaving the central spaces for drainage.
This puts most of the significant usually protected trees in the area in jeopardy, because a protected tree within three meters of a neighbor’s property can be cut down if the neighbor doesn’t like the tree.

Since the bad PR for fig trees on the Burks Backyard show, many believe their properties can be damaged by these trees massive invasive roots and insist on having them removed.

This is a great pity as the benefits of this beautiful rainforest giant far outweigh any damage risks in many instances. Installing root barriers  to prevent  invasive root damage is surely a better option than destroying such a significant tree.

See the photos below taken by Ian Walker the day we were forced to have our beloved tree cut down.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the great crew from J. C. Trees for the efficient, fast and tidy job they did.









Beautiful tree in our backyard

This significant tree, screened the view of the neighbor’s house perfectly, provided shade, attracted beautiful birds and stabilized the soil in our backyard.

After shot - tree has been removed

This is how our yard looks now, after the tree has been removed.

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