Parrots commonly seen around Elanora

by ianw3

The parrots illustrated below are commonly seen and were photographed in Elanora, QLD. Australia. Getting them to smile is not always guaranteed — they are wild and free.

The first featured is probably the best known Rainbow Lorikeet. They are a favourite in the local wildlife parks and are fairly used to being around people. Some locals attract them to their verandahs by regularly putting out small trays of seeds. My favored local supplier of pet needs and advice is Enrique of Pets Wonderland in Currumbin Creek Road.

rainbow lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet – Ian Walker

The Galah is common throughout Australia. They have a reputation for clowning and when people get silly, they can be referred to as ‘silly Galahs’.

Galah - Ian Walker

Galah – Ian Walker

The Australian King Parrot is found all along the East Coast of Australia. Photo below is the male. The female has a green head

Australian King Parrot - Ian Walker

Australian King Parrot – Ian Walker

The Scaly-breasted Lorikeet is again found on the entire East Coast. Here seen eating palm seeds alongside bees.

Scaly-breasted Lorikeet - Ian Walker

Scaly-breasted Lorikeet – Ian Walker

The Pale-Headed Rosella is seen from mid to north east coast. They are fairly variable in appearance but are distinguished by their lack of colour on their heads.


Pale-Headed Rosella - Ian Walker

Pale-Headed Rosella – Ian Walker

The Eastern Rosella seen here is common from this area right down to the south east coast. They interbreed with the above pale-headed parrot which may explain the variable appearance of these rosellas.

Eastern Rosella Ian Walker

Eastern Rosella Ian Walker


All for now, I’ll add some more local flavour soon.


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