HoneyEaters & Figbirds seen in Elanora, QLD

by ianw3

Noisy Miners are probably the most common HoneyEaters seen in Elanora. They are common in most of Eastern Australia and are aggressive and boisterous. They will mob larger birds including Kookaburras that share their territory.


Noisy Miner

Noisy Miner – Ian Walker

Less frequently seen are the BlueFaced Honeyeaters that seem to  pass through my area only at certain  times of the year. Like the noisy miners, they seem to appear fairly noisily in groups, but they seem quite shy and do not remain for long near my house.



BlueFaced Honeyeater

BlueFaced Honeyeater-Ian Walker

The juveniles are sometimes seen and have a yellowish-green patch around the eye.


Bluefaced Honeyeater Juvenile - Ian Walker

Bluefaced Honeyeater Juvenile – Ian Walker

Figbirds are also seen when their favourite food is in season. They are common in parklands where there are large native fig trees.

Figbird Male - Ian Walker

Figbird Male – Ian Walker

Again these birds often appear in groups, the female (below) has a boldly spotted chest.

Figbird Female - Ian Walker

Figbird Female – Ian Walker

I’ll add some more local wildlife soon,

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