How Does Your Garden Grow?

by Kitty Jellinek
Garden Crop

Passion fruit

Looking around at the gardens in our area, I’m surprised at the lack of fruit trees in local gardens. We live in a climate, where Mangoes, Paw Paw, Avocado, Bananas and Passion Fruit, amongst many other fruits are so easy to grow. I watch as locals pay a fortune at the supermarkets for these fruits. For instance this season 1 passion fruit cost 99cents. My passion fruit vine produced well over 100 delicious passion fruits, that’s a saving of over $100 from this single vine alone.

I can understand why people don’t plant vegetable gardens, due to time constraints or bad backs, as vegetable gardens are quite work intensive [ still well worth the effort if you are fit and have plenty of water]. However the above mentioned fruit trees, once planted need very little attention and yield very generously in our area.

It is a wonderful feeling to come inside with a basket full of produce from your own garden – if you have not planted any fruit trees in your garden – give it a go – I’m sure you will find it very rewarding.

I would also love to her about ” How Does Your Garden Grow?” Perhaps by sharing our stories here we will inspire others to plant some edible produce in our local gardens too.




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  • December 4, 2012

    Gardening is one of my special interests. I had actually planned to name a website “how does your Graden Grow? but the plan has changed since the. My particular angle on this is about food sourcing. Here in Canada, in spite of the massive abundance of farmland, there are so many youth and children I have met who honestly do not know you can grow food. They have never seen a harvest or eaten what they planted. When my grandchildren started coming along, I always made the time to help them plant a few seeds of their choice – help them weed and water the plot and watched their faces when they harvested and ate what they grew. I believe it is an extremely important element for every person.
    I am currently building a website that has a garden club which i am adding to it. It will simply be a place where people and kids can discover planting, harvesting, culling the best seeds for next year and so on. Hopefully people can exchange ideas and recipes and such. I am very much into showing some of the ideas I have found on the web about container gardening for those in the cities. We as a society have so many hungry and homeless people among us. Yet a few seeds and a pot can make a huge difference both physically (eating) and emotionally. There is always hope that comes with seeds. I found a program on the net where people who “have’ lots can save the seeds from their food, dry it out and mail it to an organization who then ships the seeds to parts of the world that are in need. I love this kind of stuff.

  • Kitty Jellinek
    December 4, 2012

    It is great to hear that you are fostering your knowledge about gardening to your grandchildren Daisy.

    Perhaps other grandparents will take your lead and do likewise.

    Let us know about the organization that ships seeds to needy countries, I have loads of dry seeds.

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