Dragon Eyes

by carney

Bright eyes shining from his glowing face

On the podium again winner of another race

Fans cheer and scramble to get a glance

Of their hero the famous world racing champ.

Rewards and accolades endow his life

He’s gambling each time, it’s his sacrifice

On the line every time he sets out to win

No risk is too great, like roulette when it spins


Grey empty eyes wait again for the train

Four decades of time past and so little gain

As he travels each day to his monotonous work

Where nobody knows him, a faceless bank clerk.

Each night the same train carries him back

To his humble dwelling not much more than a shack

When he opens the door a mewling is heard

And a cat and three kittens from the darkness emerge

Followed by four others one scarred and one lame

Each saved from their fate by the man with no name.

He talks quietly caresses and addresses each in dulcet tones

His gentleness overcoming the cruelty they’ve known

Deserted and dumped like rubbish by dark

By the unfeeling and gutless without any heart

Or respect for the life of everything born

To be given a chance to develop and transform

Into the beauty inherent in all living things

To the most perceptive and worthy who know the joy that this brings



The dissident lies his eyes open and ablaze

His body tortured and tormented in his hidden grave

His will to survive supplanted by his courageous cause

All his young life permeated by hardship and war

As he struggled and fought for what he believed

To overcome prejudice corruption and greed

That strangled his country and his family in need

Of the basics in life food freedom and rights

Worth far more to him than his will for a life



A fragile young mother with tired eyes sits and feeds

Her tiny skeleton child whose only need

Is to be nurtured and protected from the ravaging disease

That wastes away children without any heed

For the endless love and the yearning that accompanies each breath

Quietly ignored and discarded by the angel of death.


*Dragon  All seeing one

His eyes stem back tears as he watches his wife

Struggling to recall the small details of her life

The day of the week the name of her child

She falters and flustered slowly losing her pride

As her behaviour and reactions she no longer commands

Now unable to convey her simplest demands

To her tongue and her fingers her feet won’t comply

With her will and her wishes no matter how hard she tries

But their long years of closeness ensure he succeeds

Without words or gestures to fulfil every need

Her lovely eyes impart all the meaning he requires

To maintain his strength and increase her will to survive

For each precious moment is cherished when love is this strong

As alone he feels nothing and cannot live long.


Her sparkling eyes glitter and for the very first time

Their love is consummated as they intertwine

Their hearts race with fervour as it only can be

When two become one in complete harmony

Melodious and rhythmical like a beautiful song

They hope will continue forever without anything wrong.



Wise eyes full of feeling and passion ignite

As the frenzy of demons takes over her life.

She twists and she screams as the pain overcomes

The euphoria and lightness and promised fun

Poison provided by devils with greed so immense

They become thieves and murderers without any conscience.

Her bland eyes now stare as she rocks and she sways

Her senses all muddled her mind has decayed

His eyes become wilder (angrier) as he considers the cost

Not of the illegal purchase but the lives that are lost

Of innocents in search of confidence and pleasure

Which takes a far greater toll than anyone can measure

Of family and loved ones, the crime that takes place

The corruption that follows and the laws that must break

To keep the drugs coming which finance the worst types

Who only destroy our society, a merciless blight.

Diminish all of the goodness however hard they fight.

To prevent the evil that devalues every ones life.


Our eyes may be the windows to our soul

But can only reflect the world we behold

In order to stop any malevolence we see

It is necessary always to take some responsibility

This requires action more than just talk

And from this involvement we should never balk

Lives have been lost, torture, ridicule and prison

Have accompanied the sacrifices so many have given

To stand up and be counted to fight for a cause

Their own safety and welfare completely ignored

Perhaps this is the reason we have not managed to learn

The lessons from history so often confirmed

As the most intelligent, idealistic and skilled

Have so often in the past been killed

Before their brilliance and genes were relayed

So the future of people would no longer decay

And the best of humanity could flourish and live

To fulfil the great promise that all humans should give.


Copyright 2015  Helen Carney All Rights Reserved


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