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Yesor Volcano

Yesor – active vulcano in Tanna Vanuatu.

by leo meissner
It is a long way up but to look down into the crater is rewarding
Palm Beach Coastline

Conditions On Palm Beach Today – Live

by Kitty Jellinek
Before packing up to go to the beach, you may want to make a quick check on the beach conditions. Click on the link below to get a birds eye view of Palm Beach conditions via web-cam. Beach Conditions – In Palm Beach Today Live Remember to swim between the flags and protect against too much sun exposure.
Life Style in Palm Beach

Lifestyle is what it’s all about

by Kitty Jellinek
On the Southern End of the Gold Coast, the facilities for family life are superb. In years past Palm Beach and it’s surrounds were treasured by retirees, who flocked here from the Southern States. Now I think everybody that lives here must feel privileged. Take a look at the following video – “A day in the life of Dylan O’Leary”
Looking due East

Due East

by leo meissner
If the boat sails due east, where would it make a landfall ? Or, if the yacht returns sailing due west, where would it hit land again ? This picture was taken   on a sandy beach on a sandy island with dingoes and crystal clear lakes the attraction.  

What are they reading?

by leo meissner
  They are not playing games. It does not look like a comic book either. Young monks at Nakhorn Thailand   Leo

After destruction of a temple complex 250 years ago.

by leo meissner
    After destruction 250 years ago ,and buried in the debris , nature brings it to the daylight again. Ayuthya Thailand

One of Many

by leo meissner
  danger and peace Thailand
The Lotus

The Symbol Of Eastern Religion.

by leo meissner
The symbol  of Eastern Religion. Depicted in most Temples , in stone and in painting. Thailand.  
travel scene

Sunrise on the Mekong

by leo meissner
Sunrise on the Mekong across from Laos
Jessica and Samantha walking to Pick Up

Brisbane Airport Pick Up A Big Flop

by Kitty Jellinek
My two nieces Jessica and Samantha, returned from a long overseas trip yesterday and joined a disgruntled crowd of passengers making their way to the terminal pickup.Apparently since I have used the Brisbane airport, the facilities have changed somewhat.