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Noisy Miner

HoneyEaters & Figbirds seen in Elanora, QLD

by ianw3
Noisy Miners are probably the most common HoneyEaters seen in Elanora. They are common in most of Eastern Australia and are aggressive and boisterous. They will mob larger birds including Kookaburras that share their territory.   Less frequently seen are the BlueFaced Honeyeaters that seem to  pass through my area only at certain  times of the year. Like the noisy miners, they seem to appear fairly noisily in groups, but they seem quite shy and do not remain for long near my house.     The juveniles are sometimes seen and have a yellowish-green patch around the eye.   Figbirds […]

Medium – Large Birds commonly seen in Elanora

by ianw3
Probably the most well known Aussie bird, the Laughing Kookaburra, is common in Eastern Australia. These birds, if not seen, can often be heard ‘laughing’ around day break. They have a varied diet including lizards, snakes and will happily pinch goldfish from gargen ponds. The Australian Magpie is common over most of Australia. The Pied Currawong is generally found on the Eastern side of Australia.                       The Pied Butcherbird is common throughout most of Australia. These birds are certainly not shy – with their juveniles, picture to follow, they will […]

Parrots commonly seen around Elanora

by ianw3
The parrots illustrated below are commonly seen and were photographed in Elanora, QLD. Australia. Getting them to smile is not always guaranteed — they are wild and free. The first featured is probably the best known Rainbow Lorikeet. They are a favourite in the local wildlife parks and are fairly used to being around people. Some locals attract them to their verandahs by regularly putting out small trays of seeds. My favored local supplier of pet needs and advice is Enrique of Pets Wonderland in Currumbin Creek Road. The Galah is common throughout Australia. They have a reputation for clowning […]
The Lotus

The Symbol Of Eastern Religion.

by leo meissner
The symbol  of Eastern Religion. Depicted in most Temples , in stone and in painting. Thailand.  
travel scene

Sunrise on the Mekong

by leo meissner
Sunrise on the Mekong across from Laos
super moon

Super Moon

by Kitty Jellinek
This shot of the Super Moon was taken from the verandah of our home in Simpsons Road Elanora. The Guardian wrote about this annual Lunar event: “The effect can be so startling that it used to be thought it affected human behavior, prompting a rise of criminality or madness. It is the perigee moon, the scientific term for supermoon, that apparently sets the werewolves of legend howling. The origin of the words “lunatic” and “loony” both lie in this conviction that wits could stray on such nights – but historically many have taken advantage of brilliant moonlight to extend the […]

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