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significant old tree

Saving Protected Trees – Uphill battle in Elanora.

by Kitty Jellinek
The western side of Simpsons Road in Elanora is not on the sewer. Therefore most of the big trees were planted around the borders of these properties, leaving the central spaces for drainage. This puts most of the significant usually protected trees in the area in jeopardy, because a protected tree within three meters of a neighbor’s property can be cut down if the neighbor doesn’t like the tree. Since the bad PR for fig trees on the Burks Backyard show, many believe their properties can be damaged by these trees massive invasive roots and insist on having them removed. […]
The Lotus

The Symbol Of Eastern Religion.

by leo meissner
The symbol  of Eastern Religion. Depicted in most Temples , in stone and in painting. Thailand.  
After the Storm

After the Storm

by Kitty Jellinek
  I guess all’s well that ends well – after 28 hours without electricity and a defrosted freezer it was time to clean up the garden. We were one of the lucky ones – OK we had a tree land on our verandah roof – which in turn caused structural problems and caused a short in a power point – which in turn meant that when the electricity finally came on it threw the switches in our fuse box and we had to call an electrician. It suddenly dawned on us that in the 13 years that we have lived […]
Garden Crop

How Does Your Garden Grow?

by Kitty Jellinek
Looking around at the gardens in our area, I’m surprised at the lack of fruit trees in local gardens. We live in a climate, where Mangoes, Paw Paw, Avocado, Bananas and Passion Fruit, amongst many other fruits are so easy to grow. I watch as locals pay a fortune at the supermarkets for these fruits. For instance this season 1 passion fruit cost 99cents. My passion fruit vine produced well over 100 delicious passion fruits, that’s a saving of over $100 from this single vine alone. I can understand why people don’t plant vegetable gardens, due to time constraints or […]