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Original Painting – Isis

by Kitty Jellinek
The description starting with the white goose: I am the provider and protector of crops, rain and everlasting life [chick]. I am the scribe, with knowledge [owl] of potions and tools. I am the lawgiver that paves the way [vulture]. I am Isis, the mother of all gods and the protector of children. My wings are spread in protection over you. Please contact me via my profile if you are interested in purchasing this painting, or leave any questions in the comments section below. Cheers, Kitty Jellinek. UPDATE:    
Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar

Jimi Hendrix Guitar

by Kitty Jellinek
Can you believe, this Jimy Hendrix Guitar, now lives in Palm Beach, on the Gold Coast in Australia! Ralph White, proudly showed me his new acquisition the other day whilst I was browsing in my favorite music store, “Ralph White Music” at Palm Beach. I stood in suspense as Ralph opened up, first the Aluminum hard case, then the soft case, to show the impeccable artfully decorated Jimi Hendrix guitar. When I asked Ralph how much he was asking for the guitar, his emphatic reply was: “this guitar is not for sale. You are just lucky you saw it here […]